Lyme Regis, Axminster and Seaton 

Sun rise at Lyme Regis

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The intricate streets of Axminster, lined with many buildings of historical interest, converge in Trinity Square where the parish church of St. Mary the Virgin stands on the pleasant Minster Green. This church, which is the oldest building in Axminster, enshrines the history of the town.

Axminster boasts many small specialist shops, including a bookshop housed in a building with a very interesting history. The shops are a pleasure to visit and, whether you are buying or just browsing, you will find that old fashioned service is still practised in this part of the world. The town's modern amenities, including the indoor swimming pool, sports complex and supermarkets, are positioned away from the town centre enabling it to retain its special character.

In the early part of the 13th Century, the town was granted a Royal Charter giving it the right to hold a weekly market and a yearly fair. These rights are still exercised today. On Thursdays the town bustles with street market, and farmers come to buy and sell at the livestock auction. The June festival now replaces the yearly fair.

In 1755, Thomas Whitty made the first Axminster Carpet, starting a tradition for the highest quality carpets, which has lasted to this day. You my visit Axminster Carpets showroom where their carpets are on display, and learn more about the company's history. 

Axminster Church Axminster Market Morris Dancers

Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis is a fascinating ancient town, full of things to do. Fishing trips are easily arranged.

The gatehouse at Shute: The gatehouse at Shute       The famous pier steps, as seen in the film The French Lieutenant's Woman! 

Note the famous pier steps, as seen in the film The French Lieutenant's Woman!


Trams in Seaton Seaton



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